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Polar bears are directly affected by the unprecedented melting of sea ice and subsequent habitat destruction. Many of the techniques used to collect polar bear research data, like radio collars, have evolved little over the last 30 years. Some methods currently employed are invasive and especially intrusive.

With the unprecedented melting of sea ice, polar bear habitat is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Polar bear survival is increasingly challenged. The PBF believes in exploring non-invasive options to help polar bears thrive.


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Hosted by The Winnipeg Foundation, the Polar Bear Fund (PBF) supports small, meaningful projects that honour polar bears. Rather than channeling funds to larger organizations, the PBF is designed to enhance smaller, more innovative ideas and fund them quickly. The fund’s advisors will assess the potential and need of proposed initiatives with a focus on engaging, community-driven projects.

Northern Manitoba is home to the Western Hudson Bay population of polar bears. The region of Churchill is home to the largest polar bear migration in the world. The PBF, aptly located in Manitoba, believes it is our responsibility to advocate as leaders in thoughtful polar bear understanding, management, research, and ultimate conservation of the species.

Polar bears are the largest land predator in the world. Found in Canada, Russia, the USA, Greenland and Norway; Canada is the home to more than 60% of the estimated population of Ursus Maritimus.


Polar bears spend the majority of their lives on sea ice. They are considered a Marine Mammal.


Polar bears are currently classifed as VULNERABLE by the United States.

Churchill is a small town located in the province of Manitoba, CANADA on the shore of the Hudson Bay. The population in Churchill is approximately nine hundred people.


Home to the largest polar bear migration in the world - this community is affectionately known as The Polar Bear Capital of the World.



KAL BARTESKI, an artist who paints polar bears, created the PBF to support ideas and initiatives that honour polar bears and their place in the Arctic. Community-driven research and management as well as public education and awareness are the top priorities of the fund.

“The idea of wilderness needs no defence.

It only needs defenders.”


Ed Abbey



Aside from making a cash donation, you can support the PBF by purchasing any one of these items as a portion of the proceeds from these items go directly to the fund.


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